Share a goal.

"Write a book." "Buy a lawnmower." "Find a designer."

Seriously. Just ask, and you shall receive.


Get matched.

We'll intelligently find people who can fulfill your goals and the people who should introduce you.


Match others.

Give back by making intros for your friends.

Our philosophy

You don't have to look far

In real life, we meet people by interacting with mutual friends. We aren't thrown into a pit of strangers and left to fend for ourselves.

Mutuals establish the trust and context needed to build successful relationships. We're dedicated to fostering these relationships at scale.

Networks build themselves

Collaborative matchmaking

When you share goals, your connections and communities can help you search for the people you need.


Ever wondered who knows who? Easily explore and introduce yourself to friends of friends. We'll send you recommendations based on your goals and interests.

Encouraging reciprocity

Earn goodwill, a public measure of trust and impact, for making high-quality intros.

Reducing social friction

Double opt-in

When you make an introduction, Chord asks both parties for confirmation independently. If one party declines, the other will never know the intro was made.

Closing the loop

Chord sends follow-up reminders so you aren’t left hanging by the people you introduce. Get continuous quantitative and qualitative feedback on the impact of your intros.

Find your people on Chord